• I got an email that there is a mismatch during PAN validation. What should I do now?

You need to login to the GST System Portal and fill the details as per your PAN details and resubmit the enrollment application. PAN DETAILS as in : Correct spelling and format as per your PAN.

Forgot to mention middle name? ADD it. For example : Do you consider HITESH and HITESHBHAI equivalent? ; If yes, then you are wrong. Everything should be mentioned in as per PAN only.

  • What is the format of ARN?


  • Is there any charge applicable on submission of the application for enrolment?


  • Is DSC mandatory for enrolment ?

DSC is mandatory for enrolment by Companies, Foreign Companies, Limited Liability Partnership (LLPs) and Foreign Limited     Liability Partnership (FLLPs). For other taxpayers, DSC is optional.

  • Which bank account should I provide while enrolling with GST System Portal?

The Bank accounts used for the purpose of carrying out business transactions must be provided while enrolling with GST System Portal.

  • What is DIN?

DIN stands for Director Identification Number given to Directors of a Company by Ministry of Corporate Affairs. To know your DIN, refer your DIN allotment letter issued by Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

  • I filled all the details in the Business Details page while filling the form. But now all the fields are appearing blank. Why?

You need to save every page after filling all the details. Click the Save & Continue button at the bottom of the page to save the entered details and then proceed further to enter details in the other tabs.

  • How long the OTP is valid?

The OTP sent to your email address and mobile number is valid for <15> minutes. It expires after 15 minutes.

  • What does the word ‘enrollment’ under GST system portal mean?

Enrollment under GST means validating the data of existing taxpayers and filling up the remaining key fields.



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